Bicycles in Amsterdam

Bicycles in Amsterdam

Despite the rain, the favorite means of transport in Amsterdam is the bicycle. Most Amsterdammers own at least one bicycle.

According to the latest figures, Amsterdam houses over 800,000 bicycles. The population moves around comfortably on this ecological means of transport thanks to the city’s great infrastructures.

Amsterdam has placed over 15,000 km of bikeways and installed specialized bicycle parking in every neighborhood.


The number of cyclists that ride through the city center every day is astonishing. Another curious thing is to see is the vast variety of bikes that exist: small, large, mountain bikes, professional, vintage…Some have a basket for their shopping and others pull their children in specialized carriers.

You will see citizens walking their dog on their bikes, transporting large objects or delivering the post.

You might be surprised to see that most bicycles are quite old, and this is because a large number are stolen every day in Amsterdam.

Bike hire

The best way to feel like a true Amsterdammer is to hire a bike for a day or book a cycling tour of the city. For approximately  12 (US$ 12.80) you can hire a bike for the whole day (these always include helmet and lock).