Buses in Amsterdam

Buses in Amsterdam

The urban bus network in Amsterdam is very extensive, with over 200 vehicles that drive through the city 24 hours a day.

During the day, Amsterdam’s buses can be an alternative to the tram network and at nighttime, the city’s night buses are a comfortable and inexpensive way to move around if you prefer not to take a taxi.

Night buses

Amsterdam has 12-night bus lines which operate every day from 12:30am (midnight) to 6am. These lines connect all the city and are a comfortable way of getting around.

Good means of transport?

The bus lines in Amsterdam connect all the city’s neighborhoods and outskirts; nevertheless, as a tourist you might find the trams an easier option. If you want to experiment Amsterdam’s lively nightlife and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a taxi, Amsterdam¡’s night buses are a great option.


The day time buses run from 6am to 12:30am (midnight). At 12:30am, they are replaced by the night buses. The night buses run once an hour during the week days, and every half an hour during the weekends.


The urban buses cost 3.20 (US$ 3.40) per journey and 4.50 (US$ 4.80) at nighttime. If you are in Amsterdam for a few days, we recommend you purchase a travel card to save money.

Buses to other towns

Amsterdam also offers coaches to other nearby towns and villages like Volendam and Marken, which are not connected to Amsterdam by train. It is also possible to get to these nearby sights by renting a car or going on a day trip.

The long-distance buses are run by other transport companies, so keep in mind that the GVB travel card is not valid.