NEMO Science Museum

NEMO Science Museum

NEMO Science Museum is the most important science and technology museum in Holland. This interactive museum is located in Amsterdam. 

The NEMO Science Museum is housed in an enormous building in the shape of a boat, which is presently green-colored, but was once copper. The museum was designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano.

The five-floor foundation houses various collections, some of which include fun scientific experiments, tests and interactive exhibits, for example, about gravity and magnetism and other surprising phenomena.

For children

This science museum is the perfect place to discover with the smallest members of the family, since most exhibitions are dedicated to the smallest ones, but are still fun for the adults.

Once you have visited its numerous exhibitions, we recommend you check out the building’s observation deck made of several steps where you can catch your breath while you enjoy magnificent views of the city.

Sailing boat called Amsterdam

Near the NEMO Science Museum is the replica of a large boat that once belonged to the Dutch Oriental East India Company. The boat was called Amsterdam.

Visitors can explore the sailing ship and learn how the sailors lived and worked on it.


Tuesday - Sunday: 10am to 5:30pm.
Mondays: closed. 


Adults: 17.50 (US$ 18.90)
Children under 4 years old: free admission


By foot from the Central Station.