How to save in Amsterdam

How to save in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an expensive city, where you'll need all the tricks in the book to save money if you want to make sure your budget goes as far as possible. The most important thing is always to reserve your flight and hotel as far in advance as possible.

Book your hotel and flights in advance

If you want to save money in Amsterdam, the best way is to begin as soon as possible, reserving your hotel and flight as far in advance as possible to get the best possible discounts. Using our hotel search engine, you can find the best possible offers on accommodation in Amsterdam. The majority of hotels allow cancellation up until the day before arrival, and payment is often possible upon arrival as well.

Tourist Cards

If you're planning to visit the monuments and museums of Amsterdam, the most important thing is to use the tourist cards on offer, which include free entry to many of the tourist attractions in the Dutch capital.

These are some of the tourist cards This is the Amsterdam Tourist Card currently available:
in Amsterdam:


Amsterdam is a capital where the public transport is varied, efficient, and necessary. If you're going to spend several days in the Dutch capital, the best thing to do is to get to know the prices and passes available for the different modes of transport to see which best adapts to your itinerary.